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For nearly 50 years, The Suburban Newspaper, Quebec's largest, English, weekly newspaper, has been an integral part in growing local businesses. We offer visibility, growth and sales by targeting your clientele. We do this by hand-delivering the newspaper each week to strategic homes and depots. These are the homes of loyal, affluent, English-speaking readers. Our readers are loyal because they want local news. They rely on The Suburban as we provide award winning local coverage that is recognized as the best in the province.
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Our three newspapers, West Island edition, City edition and Laval edition, are read from Vaudreuil to Riviere-des-Prairies. Today, with our online, virtual edition, The Suburban is now being read in homes in Laval, the South Shore and beyond.
Online –
Readers of The Suburban are also excited by the new weekend, digital magazine, The Suburban Magazine. Available only at, this gives advertisers another chance to reach our readers in creative ways. Finally, a Deal of the Week site in my community. You can reach those consumers who actually live or shop near your business. Through The Suburban's Deal of the Week site, you can instantly grow your business.
Think of The Suburban Mall as the place shoppers go BEFORE they go out and shop. The Mall offers you the ability to get found much quicker than ever before. Let our readers find you before they go elsewhere.
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The Suburban and our experienced staff offer businesses the best value for customized, results-oriented advertising and marketing solutions through print, flyers, web, design, events, contests and more. For more information, call The Suburban at 514-484-1107.