It was a recurring theme in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and, upon retrospection on the last four years of governance under Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party, the parallels are more than ironic.

The elements of this tragedy have been plain to see:

GREED from the start when Trudeau’s two most trusted advisors billed taxpayers for over $200,000 worth of expenses for their moves from Toronto to Ottawa;

ABUSE OF POWER highlighted in two Ethics Commissioner investigations outlining convictions under the Conflict of Interest Act related to the use of a registered lobbyist Aga Khan’s private island as well as the SNC-Lavalin affair where a much-needed investigation by the Justice Committee chaired by Mount Royal MP Anthony Hosefather was shut down and where that same committee prevented Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion from testifying on his report that found multiple “conflicts of interest” in Trudeau’s governance.

REVENGE against those within who questioned him (former Vice-Admiral Mark Norman) or exposed him (former Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould).

In 2015, Trudeau defeated the thrice-victorious Stephen Harper. However, unlike Macbeth who brutally murdered Duncan, Trudeau and his team of personal friends (the aforementioned “trusted advisors” Katie Telford and Gerald Butts) and Obama campaign directors (Jennifer O’Malley) alongside the traditional Liberal power brokers used the bloodless “sunny ways” — the proverbial promised stew of targeted virtue signaling, tax cuts, social engineering, electoral reform and government openness and transparency that expanded the Liberal base by adding voters on the left, the more centrist-leaning right and traditional low-turnout groups of importance such as youth and indigenous peoples. But they were mere empty words.

Like Macbeth, once he assumed the throne, Trudeau got carried away and the sunny ways turned cold and dark in a hurry. The underside of his occasional dangling of financial baubles and frequent utopian buzzspeak has been ugly and void of compassion. Citizens disagreeing on policy are at various times labelled as “UnCanadians”, “neanderthals”, “racists”, and “ambulance chasers”.

Perhaps worse is the brazen disregard for ethics and, at times, the law itself that seems to have extended to his caucus. Hence, Finance Minister Bill Morneau failing to properly disclose a villa in France; Joe Peschisolido’s alleged involvement in an international money laundering scheme; Iqra Khalid’s continued associations with an extremist who has called for the eradication of Israel.

Luckily, Canada is still democratic enough to not require MacDuff’s help and its Malcolm comes in the form of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. What Sheer offers is a chance to return to responsible governance.

Political hubris is a fatal disease. The cure for it is not to choose a false “forward” and pretend it did not happen but rather to sweep it and all its vestiges out.

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