I bike to work in the summer and this year is the worst! Construction and dust everywhere The Lachine Canal is now jam packed and blocked everywhere because of non stop condo building. Griffintown is one giant construction site then on to Sainte Catherine another giant construction site. I used to enjoy biking to work and back. Now I fear for my safety because of huge potholes and gravel in the bike lanes and not to mention the understandably frustrated drivers. Can’t wait to get out of this city! Oh and I would never EVER bike in the winter!

Veronique Miljkovitch, Montreal

Finally a voice of reason, thank you Suburban for always writing what’s on the minds of the too often silent majority. We can only await the next election to end the madness.

Rohinton Ghandhi, Verdun

Excellent editorial on “The Streets.” Valérie Plante is the worst thing that could ever have happened to this city! Montreal doesn’t need permanent bike paths. We have the longest winters and not many people bike in winter. Why not install temporary bike paths for the summer months and save all those millions that she’s spending of my money and many other taxpayers. I wonder how many of her granola friends actually pay the taxes that you and I pay! This city is not Amsterdam or like other bike friendly cities in Europe! Just fix the roads and do all the other civil works that are necessary! STOP spending unnecessarily! St. Catherine St. is a mess and it doesn’t need to be reduced to one lane. It’s fine just the way it is! This mayor will definitely be booted out next election because she is pissing so many Montrealers off!

Angela Iannaccio, Montreal

Hey they devastated the Plateau first. Bike lanes cleared in the winters, sidewalks no. Parking? Ha! Look at all the empty storefronts in the Plateau! Who goes there to eat or shop anymore? There’s no place for people to be dropped off.

Edith Ray, Montreal

The downtown core will be become a ghost-town after 5 pm, save and except the tourists who are in town. The retailers will all close except for tourist stops, and the fact that half the year the sun sets early and there is snow and ice on the road, makes this decision — and goal — an unachievable ine, with hefty consequences. A family that needs to move around town, and is limited to bicycles will do all they can to stay away and move to where it is practical to live---the suburbs. The suburbs win, the core loses.

Bruce Vineberg, Westmount

Can’t remember the last time I went shopping downtown. We have all we need in the suburbs , including bars / clubs and classy restaurants. The last time I attended a meeting downtown, I put the maximum on the meter, and despite scrambling to get out of the meeting, l was 5 minutes late and got a 75$ ticket. Downtown was my “ haunt “ but no need for downtown today .

Manfred Pungartnik, Montreal

Compare today’s downtown to just a few years ago. It’s enough to break your heart.With our weather hoping that bicycles will be able to support our lifestyles ,is like hoping heated sidewalks would help Miami.

Bernie Shuster, Westmount

I respect people who like to ride the bike but a lot of them do not even respect the signs or the lights. At times they even hit a pedestrian walking. How many times have I seen them crossing on red lights. We need to be realistic, downtown is not a good idea for more bike paths. It is already congested as it is. So let’s leave downtown the way it is. The stores will be pleased also. Let’s all be respectful to each other and our opinion.

Josie Mancini, CSL

How about fixing the roads first? I have never in my entire life seen the streets in such disrepair! Unbelievable! Never mind the bicycle lanes. Mayor Plante obviously doesn’t care about the senoirs or disabled people. Limited parking means limited access.

Joanne Harris, Montreal

I could not have expressed it better myself than your editorial did. If the purpose is to encourage people to use more public transportation, then public transportation needs to be upgraded to meet the new demand. And just imagine those with limited mobility; seniors and the physically challenged, no one ever seems to think of them...

Marla Newhook, Ste-Anne de Bellevue

I agree with your editorial 100%.This woman is out of touch with reality . When all businesses go belly up, is she going to tax the bikers?

Monic Landry, Pointe Claire

The full fledge war on cars is on by this administration. Whether it’s to drastically cut parking spaces, making the roads narrower and therefore slower , lowering speed limits or drastically increasing parking tickets, the goal is clear. Even the the reason of cutting pollution by cars is misleading as in 15-20 years we will be driving electric cars. Meanwhile only about 4% of citizens use bikes for transportation and they have no fees or taxes whatsoever.

Yuri Krausz, Montreal

This 200 km of nee bike paths really doesn’t make sense for a North American city with five months of harsh winter weather. The first priority should be fixing potholes. There is a housing rental crisis with hijacked rental costs and lack of availability. Plante needs to

concentrate on good roads and affordable housing before bicycle paths.New roads truly need to be prioritized.

Leslie Perez, Montreal

Interesting how the reduction of traffic lanes comes on the heels of announcing the land transaction that should precede the building of a baseball stadium ( for the much hoped for new baseball team) at the Peel Basin. This will impede the accessibility to the stadium. The continuing backward policies of the Plante administration are mind boggling.Amateurs at the helm. It is difficult to say this but we need a new Drapeau in City Hall. At the very least ,Denis Coderre , please come back .

John Kovac, Montreal

Realistically speaking she won’t be voted out before she can start the process but if she can be stalled long enough, hopefully the work doesn’t commence before someone else takes over and they can cancel the projects before it’s too late. Coderre has already indicated he wants to come back and maybe this taught him a lesson not to be so arrogant.

Marissa Sidel, CSL

How does Mayor Plante expect Montrealers to shop downtown on their bikes? Can’t remember the last time I went shopping downtown! Too many hurdles to climb over! How does Plante expect businesses to stay open with their storefronts constantly BLOCKED! Even with the metro it doesn’t make much of a difference! No I would rather shop uptown!

Lula Pankiw Lallouz, CSL

I call it ‘Granola Elitism.’ Plante and her cohorts have The Plateau mentality about everything they do and forget about the needs of the rest of montreal’s denizens who are not leading such a charmed existence. G-d help you if you are disabled in Montreal, and you need to access the Super Hospital, for instance.

Walter Perry


Summarizing Madame Plante’s decision for more bike lanes, as you so rightly put it, biking in the winter months with toddlers, seniors, handicapped, no way Madame Plante! What happened to free transportation for all seniors on buses and trains, never implemented but funds for bike paths! Madame Plante you reduced the parking spots on the West Island for people that want to take the REM. Madame Plante train and bus schedules in the West Island need revamping, We would like a Metro line on the West Island but all we hear about is la ligne rose! There is no logic in getting on a bike in the winter for me from the West Island to get to the Montreal General Hospital. Think of our handicapped, are they getting on bikes? Madame Plante nous voulons des autobus et plus de train svplait!

Sharyn Cadot, Ste-Anne de Bellevue

Montreal’s traffic woes are not finished. Many businesses have failed many more will not survive. The long term outlook doesn’t look any better. Many people are leaving Montreal , businesses are considering relocation whether it be to suburbs and even off island. The condo skyline may seem impressive at first glance, great for tax revenues, but with 30-60 % actual occupancy it creates a whole new generational problem. Once people find great restaurants, shopping areas located closer or easier to travel to, Montreal will soon be forgotten. Look at West island, Laval, South shore how much have they grown. Le Quartier Dix Trente in Brossard, the West Island Fairview is overflowing and growth further west to Vaudreuil. I can tell you in the service industry getting a service call in the Montreal core , it’s common practice of a 4 hr. min. charge. So if your sink is clogged, an actual 1 hr. Can cost you 4 hrs. So sad what they are doing to Montreal.

Nick Minotti


Looking forward to seeing Plante bike to work or carpool every day. Meanwhile, I won’t set foot in downtown. This city is disgusting me more and more every year.Especially how can you bike in winter when the city barely cleans the streets in a timely manner or at all? The ice problems we dealt with this winter were simply shameful, absolutely shameful.

Talya Pardo


I am a long time resident of downtown. I’ve watched it go downhill for years and it’s so depressing. Between all the new condo buildings going up on every corner, eating away at former parking lots, all the Bixi stands and all the bike lanes, there is NOWHERE for anyone to park anymore, unless you want to pay $30 for underground parking which is annoying at best. People don’t come downtown to shop or go out to restaurants or bars anymore because it’s not convenient in the least! I have to take cabs because it’s cheaper than parking. Downtown is so depressing. It used to be a vibrant, happening fun place to be, now it’s not. So, yes, spend more money on bike lanes, take away more parking spots, don’t fix the disastrous roads and let’s watch downtown become even more of a ghost town. Good plan. PS Bikes are awesome for people who are healthy enough to ride them. However, for those of us who aren’t and also for those who can’t walk excessive amounts from underground parking lots to destinations, we need parking spaces on the street. They are catering to one demographic and forgetting about everyone else.

Leslie Cottle

Ville-Marie Borough

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