At the town council meeting of Dec. 16, 2019, The Town of Montreal West presented a proposal by a resident who lives on Easton Ave to demolish his home. His wish is to build a new home with conservative styling plus a couple of townhouses. Many residents that live on or near Easton Ave presented opinions as to why this particular home should not be demolished. Every objection focused entirely on the demolition of the existing structure.

Notwithstanding the Town presentation which showed homes of different styles and age, the residents objecting overlooked the fact that this sector of Montreal West has houses not only of different styles but also of different time periods. This is entirely normal as municipalities evolve over time. Montreal West was once largely an anglophone community but happily now is quite multicultural. And with multiculturalism comes diversity in many forms including housing. This diversification is actually very healthy for neighborhoods. In many areas of Montreal one can see the happy integration of the "old" with the new.

The residents who voiced their opinions focused on one main argument--that this house represents the theme of Montreal West. I beg to differ. One needs only to walk the streets of Easton and nearby to see houses of all different styles. The addresses of 80, 85, 93 and 126 Easton are within a stone's throw of the house in question, but are much more modern and completely out of the so called "theme" of Montreal West. For further evidence of the "modern" look, the addresses of 24,40,50, 65,138,167,322 Brock North are an indication as are 2 Northview and 207 Ballantyne N. These are but a sampling. Are we to say the houses listed do NOT represent Montreal West?

Previous councils and generations before this town council have already started the healthy integration of modern with the old. The plans the owner has submitted at first look seem respectful of the Montreal West architecture. Certainly much fine tuning needs to be done.

I found curious the reaction or should I say the lack of reaction by the residents when the owner took the microphone to say he would keep the house if only he could move it. Seems like the residents immediately got their wish. I was waiting for one of them to stand and acknowledge such. Not a peep. So what is the real issue, one must ask?

Ian Robinson

Montreal West

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