What makes us Quebecers so accepting of a lesser standard? We perpetually elect officials of mediocre quality to run our cities, municipalities and province, who repetitively demonstrate a lack of knowledge concerning finance, infrastructure, health care, education, human rights and I could go on and on!

The latest stupidity is thrown out there by Premier Legault, once again jumping on the doctors, forcing them to work longer hours for less pay. His answer is to charge a fee to patients who go to the doctor, and then claim it back after from the government. First problem is that our government crawls along with whatever they do. Getting a refund will take forever. The fee is hard on many working Quebecers who can ill afford to pull hundreds of dollars out for immediate medical treatment. This will force them to ignore their personal health, a dangerous precedent. And this will definitely convince many of our remaining doctors to pull up stakes and go elsewhere, and rightfully so, to make an honest and unencumbered living. So let's pass a bill that will aggravate an already stressed medical system, let's pass a bill that discriminates against minorities, many of whom could help solve our "lack of doctors" situation.

WE voted in these politicians, and WE are the ones who are not holding them accountable to making clear, fair, and responsible decisions with our money and our province. We Quebecers have the dubious distinction of paying the most for everything we consume on this continent (except electricity) but continue to receive the least for our money. Sketchy health care, crumbling infrastructure, poor planning, hurtful and divisive doctrines, and a continuous waste of taxpayer dollars on useless projects. That is the legacy of our governments on all levels, both past and present. We deserve better, much better, but our continued acceptance of second rate members of our society vying for public office leaves us in a lesser position. We must hold our elected officials to a much higher standard or we deserve what we get!

Mark Needelman

Dollard des Ormeaux

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