We are thrilled with the results of Hampstead’s register. Not only did the mayor and developers fail to block the register, which they had tried to do, but people turned out in droves and exceeded the minimum required to trigger a referendum by 20 percent!

We feel confident with the groundswell of support that we received from the entire Hampstead community that we will continue to triumph in our quest to preserve affordable housing in the town.

As we have been saying all summer, we are concerned about the town of Hampstead setting a precedent in which eventually all the affordable housing in the municipality would be demolished, in the middle of a housing crisis, in one of the richest neighbourhoods in Canada. We are concerned about a mayor using what we feel was an illegal veto to override the democratic results of his own council’s vote.

We are concerned with displacing elderly tenants who have lived in these buildings for decades, schoolchildren and newer Canadians and families — in short, a community. All our efforts are for them.

Most of all, we want to set an example for all tenants in Montreal and beyond and show that there are ways to fight back against politicians and developers and the scourge of gentrification which all too often benefits only the wealthy. Affordable housing is a human right. And yes, even in the tony town of Hampstead, David can sometimes conquer Goliath.

We are so grateful to have been bolstered all summer by the continued support of The Suburban and so much of Montreal media and on behalf of my neighbours, I thank you!

Sharon Hyman


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