The expensive house of cards that recycling programs were built on are beginning to crumble just like the sham ethanol, but both will never die as the myth of political infallibility must seemingly be maintained at all costs, especially when paid for by unwitting taxpayers. From one side of political mouths politicians preach that we should only “eat local” and shun anything shipped from half way around the world where it’s grown under natural sun and cultivation (canned goods six months of the year are perfect ,we are told); meanwhile shipping our plastic and paper waste to China and half way around the world for processing is the most natural, logical and “environmentally friendly” thing to do. It makes perfect sense, we are told, even if it costs a little more, and a little more, and a little more.

The true costs of recycling have been concealed and obfuscated with propaganda and half-truths over the years. Green-washing at its best. Landfills have been demonized, abetted by the hoax of climate doom, and those upset that they won’t be alive to see the decomposition cycle (hundreds of years in our billions of years old planet) completed. The cost efficiency of landfills has been skewed by over-regulation and artificially increased dumping fees to aid in the charade. Those who insist on signaling their virtue by proclaiming their “avid” recycling are the same people who are flooding the streets with SUVs and driving to country houses on the weekends. The “recycling fad” is abetted by articles of mis-information that conflates science with sermonizing: glass is conveyed as “decomposing” and thus contributing to “greenhouse” gases when it does nothing more than erode and disintegrate into the original sand from whence it came. Under the pressure of “religious dogma” the secular Legault will throw money down the proverbial toilet by foisting even more recycling on the SAQ and everyone else. Our license motto should read “keep digging the hole” not “je me souviens ”. China et al, who took our garbage, just laid bare the facts that many materials are just un-economic to recycle, requiring more “energy” and resources to process than making materials from scratch, like glass, and those pushing us into doing it are just on a power trip and happy to waste other people’s money.

If transparency was more than a political buzzword and politicians were interested in their broad constituency instead of the like-minded religious zealots, the true costs of all recycling programs, would be FULLY, not selectively conveyed to the taxpayers who are forced to fund them. The numbers would be eye-opening. Politicians, pundits and the media should be trying to educate the public beyond typical sound-bites and the feel-good political smiles that say “we know what’s best for you” despite your protestations (not steamroll the public as seen through the public-sac ban farce). Taxpayers are paying more and more while continually receiving less in return: essential services are supplanted by frivolous feel-good measures aimed to please the few. Politicians need to admit misallocations of resources when they occur and can start by putting the recycling programs, and other mindless initiatives out of their misery, instead of throwing more money at the issue (concealed through creative accounting). Taxpayers are tapped out and we need to properly allocate the limited resources, our money, to things that will actually have a positive impact on people’s lives, like salt on sidewalks, or maybe lines on roadways, that actually last more than a month, and not on virtue-signaling to please the select few.

Mark Lipson

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Hans Dybka

I smiled all through your comment. You have summed up what I have been thinking that last 20 years.We have too often been misled by the empty rhetoric and cherry-picked facts. I am fed up and saddened by the whole thing, no wonder my wife thinks I am a grumpy old man and Hillary calls me deplorable.

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