Justin Trudeau was found guilty of ethics violations in the SNC Lavalin affair. This would be bad if it were an isolated incident. It was not. It’s part of a wider pattern of abuse of power, entitlement, and use of the treasury as a Liberal Party slush fund. Trudeau’s attempt to interfere in a criminal case to help his friends may be the most corrupt act ever by a Canadian Prime Minister. His excuse that he was trying to save jobs is ridiculous. If SNC Lavalin ceased to exist, the work would simply go to another firm. Trudeau was acting in the interests of the Liberal Party, not Canada. Jody Wilson-Raybould is bound by cabinet secrecy rules. She has stated that Trudeau is lying about her, and what happened. Her book will not answer all questions. There are only two questions I want answers to: (1) Exactly how much money has SNC Lavalin donated to the Liberal Party and (2) Why hasn’t Justin Trudeau been investigated for conspiracy to obstruct justice ?

James Sutherland


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