We are thrilled with the results of the Hampstead referendum!

From the beginning, we always maintained that this battle was larger than just about our two buildings. We found it unconscionable that an affluent municipality like Hampstead would back a project that would see affordable housing demolished, in the middle of the worse housing crisis Montreal has seen in two decades.

We wanted to set an example for tenants all across the city and even the country that people can fight back against gentrification and displacing communities.

We wanted to show developers that every tenant deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We are not against development, but it must be done in an ethical and humane way.

Most of all, we wanted to get the message across that affordable housing is a human right. In a wonderful city like Montreal, there must be room for all of us, and we must take care of one another, neighbour to neighbour.

Thanks again for all your support!!

Sharon Hyman


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