Shame on those wealthy people who are too lazy to simply put their unwanted Publisac in their recycle bin. Maybe they don't have a recycle bin because they don't recycle. As for asking their neighbours to remove them while they're on their luxury vacations, perhaps that's because they have poor relations with them. These entitled people have no compassion for the less fortunate who count on these jobs to survive, and you know who you are. With hefty food prices, the Publisac is extremely valuable. Not everyone has a computer or the time to go online to check the Flyers. And for those who seriously want to save the planet, like Charles Montpetit, Valerie Plante and Benoit Dorais, go after the SAQ and recycle wine bottles, instead of going after the low-hanging fruit, like the Publisac. Remember, even if the Publisac ends up in the trash, it will compost, unlike glass.

Also, Charles Montpetit with his 16,000 petition names calling for a public consultation on Publisac delivery, has anyone verified the validity of these 16,000 names? If so, who has validated these names? Trust but verify should be a moto embraced by everyone.

Has anyone considered the cost of the lost jobs and impact it would have on unemployment insurance and welfare? We will all pay through taxes, without the benefit of the Publisac.

When 9 out of 10 people want the Publisac, shouldn't the majority rule? It appears Valerie Plante is imposing her values, once again, now on Publisac advocates.

If you're fortunate and don't need to reap the benefits of the Publisac, count your blessings and have some compassion for the less fortunate.

Dianne Malo

Pointe Claire

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I imagine who pays you to write a paper anti ecological principles, pro waste and anti logic. So, you're saying: shame on those who don't bother to go use their energy to go close a door... The issue is THEY NEVER ASKED ANYBODY TO OPEN THAT DOOR! In the normal universe, we have to make a subscription to receive a paper, NOT TO receive dozens papers and then to unsubscribe! You're stimulating the waste, for "a buck", SHAME ON YOU!



Agreed , I'll add that it's such a stretch the argument . For one regarding low income and access to Internet , everyone has a cellphone which will also include data . No one uses a computer to grocery shop , it's the flip app on a mobile device with uses minimal data and is far more effecient than using a flyer . Also this "sky is going to fall " bs is a joke . If in fact anyone needs these Flyers as they are claiming poor people desperately rely on them (oh think of the money these people will have to spend per annum without a paper flyer ! ) then clearly these people WILL opt in . I saw one article comparing this situation to opt in programs for organ donation , shame on this marketing campaign . Also if you follow the story from the beginning this all started by not respecting one man's request to opt out and they had there chance to comply multiple times but instead ignored him .

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