With regards to the proposed demolition on CSL Road: I just want to know why a building that houses a lower income community that passed inspection is being demolished.

Saying that there "are vacancies" in other buildings ignores the reality that is happening all over the island. Gentrification is unnecessarily displacing people with less means from reasonably priced accommodation. The fact that there are "vacancies in other buildings" on CSL Road ignores the fact that the pressure is disproportionately placed upon those of less means a power to scramble and compete with each other for the ever decreasing availability of lower rent and safe accommodation on the island. And it certainly will not replace a community that was built and is irreplaceable.

There are disabled and elderly people in that building. Families. And because Hampstead is incapable of finding extra cash in its budget for "wants" as opposed to "needs", it seems content to see those persons displaced from the organic community of support that has grown around them. These are not just apartments. These are peoples' HOMES.

Mayor Steinberg is feeling attacked?  Try being evicted. For no good reason. Try living with the reality that even though you paid your rent on time, that even though you are a good tenant, you are still being put out on the street and forced to leave your home because the government that is supposed to protect you against the whims of a greedy landlord can't be bothered. Worse than that, is in fact is pushing for you to get out. Because the mayor sees an extra amount of dollars in revenue. Even as he sends out a letter to the wealthier assuring people they might see a decrease in their property taxes.

I can't help but be appalled by the doublespeak. He claims to need the revenue as the basis for the approval of this project, but then has the gall to tell people that even though the value of their houses are much higher, that, and I quote from his letter addressing evaluations and taxes in September:

"If your evaluation goes up above average, then and only then, will you have a higher tax increase. If your increase is less than 23.6%, you will have a lower tax increase or possibly a tax decrease. I will have more to say on this after I get a copy of the increases for each individual home. For now, enjoy the fact that you are wealthier (on paper)."

Mayor Steinberg does not *need* the money he estimates receiving from this development. He just wants it. Off the backs of the people without means.


Heather Ward



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