Re your editorial on parking fines, in my opinion the main reason for increasing fines is because they dont know how to spend the taxpayers hard earned money and blow it on E races and other stupid arrangements that don't make sense because politicians dont know and care how to control spending.

Amardeep Singh


Madame Plante should get a grip. I used to love going downtown, shopping, restos, cinemas, or even just for a walk on Ste-Catherine. I gave up on downtown years ago when parking meters there hit $4/h - insane. Each meter started making what mininum wage had been not that many years before that.

Now, with all the signage, ridiculous detours, poorly planned construction, wow. I go when I absolutely have to. Poor downtown business owners. It was way more fun shopping there than in malls, but, adios.

Pascal Tirapani


The increased parking fines are just another demonstration by a Mayor and administration that cares about nothing other than their narrow minded objective of social engineering. Of course, this increase is terrible for seniors on fixed incomes; the unemployed and the working poor. Some jurisdictions have started to look at the how they might be able to relate these types of fines to income. Some might say why own a car if you can’t afford the fines but of course this is a simplistic view not related to reality for many people. I doubt that this mayor and her band of narrow minded inexperienced politicians will survive the next election but for sure her opponents should be made to agree to roll back these fines and many other of the stupid policies of this current administration in the next municipal election campaign.

Fergus V. Keyes


Great article on parking. If the city merely enforced the bylaws they currently have on the books, then no issue. They don’t so of course there is mayhem. Once again a gross overreaction to gross incompetence.

Bruce Vineberg


At what point do you say okay !!! This is not working and it's killing business and transport companies .If you go out and not pay parking ,then you are spending it on businesses who will progress or else all will close down and suffer .Is this the Canada you want to live in ?

Ken Cod


The actions by the Montreal administration only serve to send a message to suburbanites, "don’t use Montreal streets and therefore don’t shop or eat in Montreal establishments." Amd if you have an office downtown and can move it to the suburbs, do so before you lose your clients who wish to avoid the downtown area.

Sidney Margles


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