Montrealers and Montreal businesses are being faced with financial ruin due to uncontrolled spending by Mayor Valerie Plante--and no one seems able to stop her. Valerie Plante campaigned to keep tax increases only at the inflation rate, but on being elected the first thing she did was to raise taxes way above that level. Then admitted that in fact Montreal had had a surplus and that the tax increases would help finance her projects.

Her spending is uncontrollable and Montreal now has an annual debt of hundreds of

million dollars, which is much higher than from any previous administration. Because of this, prices are going up for businesses, shoppers, and apartment renters. Not only has Mayor Plante gone wild on her spending, she now has the gall to further raise taxes once again while spending several hundred million on a park and paying developers $73 million of public money for 140 hectares of land.

Mayor Plante had no political or administrative experience before being elected. And it shows in her chaotic excesses. It seems that the only way to bring things back to normal is to put Montreal under trusteeship.This has been done countless times before in other Quebec

cities when the Quebec government had to step in and set aside inexperienced and unqualified

elected mayors with professional administrators. Trusteeship should be done now as well, not

make Montrealers wait two years down the road when Mayor Plante's term is up and she seeks re-election. To further allow her to continue endlessly with this over spending, could bring on

financial disaster that could take decades to recover from.

Martin Plant

Montreal, Qc.

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