I was intrigued by Mario leclerc’s letter about forcing people to vote. Aren’t we saddled with enough laws, good and bad, to warrant the absence of yet another law? Everything from not smoking in public in Hampstead to laws such as motorcycle helmets to not being able to ride a motorcycle or scooter after Dec 15th to even mandatory winter tires in winter. Many of these laws may be somewhat helpful, but we are being told what we can and can’t do more and more. New Hampshire with their “ live free or die” shown on their license plates doesn’t have a mandatory moto helmet law . After all it’s my head to protect or not as I see fit. And we pay enough taxes for health card to cover accident costs. We are being legislated into the ground. In Montreal we can’t even drive over the mountain. But compulsory voting is extreme and I wouldn’t appreciate being told I have to vote.

Brian Echenberg


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voting should be compulsory.

voter turnout is abysmal.

To affect real change, everyone should be forced to vote.

all of our election, resulting in majority governments from less than 20% of the eligible voter is ridiculous.

how could a party purport to have the support of the people, when 40% stayed home.

I support mandatory voting. if you aren't willing to engage in our democratic process, you don't have a right to live here.

I support proportional representation, because how can one party with what amounts to minority support make our laws.

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