Sharon Hyman’s latest letter (third in four weeks) continues to make false statements with an authoritative tone. She states “no rents are going downward when we are in the middle of an affordable housing crisis.” That may be true for Montreal but there is no affordable housing crisis along CSL Road in Hampstead when almost every building has vacancies.

She talks about the hidden costs to Hampstead of new developments and asks “who will be paying for the enlarged sewer requirements, or the new substations for electricity supplies?” The developer always pays for any sewer work needed and they will pay Montreal since the sewers are under CSL Road, which is owned by Montreal. There will be no new substations needed. There is only one covering Hampstead and it is located in Cote Saint-Luc. “Who will pay for the deterioration of roads?” she asks. Has she driven on CSL Road recently? I can’t imagine a worse road in all of Montreal. If it deteriorates any more, huge sink holes that swallow trucks, will form. Aside from that, it is Montreal’s responsibility. This development alone will bring in $145,000 extra local tax revenue or 4% of the discretionary local budget with absolutely no hidden costs for Hampstead.

She talks about a luxury high rise but the definition of a high rise is 13+ storeys and the current proposed development is 10. As for luxury apartments, you can find them downtown but no one will build luxury buildings on CSL Road. An elevator, washer/dryer, dishwasher and air conditioning do not make a building luxurious.

She complains about my taking quotes of hers that were “sent to him many years ago.” The quotes I used were all from 2018. Let me be clear. I have never done anything illegal; I do not lie. Every statement that I make is the truth and I abide by the highest ethical standards. Anyone who says differently will get a very strong response from me.

I understand that being in politics means that people will make false, misleading and emotional statements about me. Fair enough, but I have never allowed anyone to question my integrity and I never will let such remarks go unchallenged.

Bill Steinberg

Mayor, Town of Hampstead

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