I challenge Mayor Valerie Plante to fine tune her public security changes on the mountain with the following initiatives: install reduced speed signs to 30 KPH, indicate the speed at which a ticket will be issued and add a pictogram of motorist and cyclist for extra emphasis. This hopefully will serve notice on cyclists to likewise slow down to avoid collision with pedestrians sharing the same lane (I.E, 30kph zone/36$$); at the rocky notch on top of Camillien Houde reduce the speed to 25 kph but don’t install traffic lights to alternate one way flow which will create a congestion bottle neck but not be obeyed as usual by many cyclists and jaywalkers anyway. Instead, widen the pedestrian path above the rocky notch leading down to the lookout; don’t install unnecessary plastic posts which create visible pollution; don’t install concrete flower pots which create a danger for cyclists hitting them and reduce the width of the lane they ride in; prohibit high speed kamikazee cyclists in training from using the motorist lane. Invite them to move to the underutilized Villeneuve speedway; incorporate my caption on a mountain sign “share the road, cyclists with helmets welcome”.

Michael Shafter


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