François Legault harassed the English-speaking community with threats to abolish school boards prior to transferring English schools to the French side; but now he flip flops with a rumour that he will not do so. Unfortunately, he may still make good on eliminating democratically elected school commissioners who administer the school boards and replace them with a board of directors to control their operations from Quebec anyway.

I offer the CAQ and all school boards throughout Quebec the following compromise: hold school commissioner elections at the same time as municipal elections. This would reduce the school cost and bring out the maximum population to vote for both.

However, the EMSB must continue to demand a declaratory judgment (possibly with support from all school boards) before the CAQ tables and passes an education bill soon. Once passed, it may take years for a court challenge to overturn inappropriate inclusions during which time its effect in practice will have become a fait accompli.

Hopefully, the CAQ will back off because the majority of Quebecers, including its electoral base, do not favor abolishing school boards.

Michael Shafter


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