The recent decision of the Lester B.Pearson School Board to eliminate the name of Judge Lindsay H. Place from the local educational landscape demonstrates the Board's disrespect for a leader and innovator who did much to ground elementary and secondary education in the then growing "west island" of the 1950s and 60s.

Exceptional lawyer and respected Judge, Lindsay Place volunteered for approximately 25 years as Chair of the then named Lakeshore School Board. He guided, along with like-minded parent Commissioners, the establishment of a vibrant educational sysyem to serve the Anglophone needs of the students and citizens of a growing region. In fact, his services were regarded in such high esteem that a school was named in his honour so as to be a permanent marker of the respect with which he was held within the overall community.

To deface his name with that of a cleric from the thirteenth century on the flimsy Orwellian grounds that St. Thomas of Aquinas has a more valuable name than that of Judge Place is to make a mockery of our own history. We should not be celebrating foreign religious figures when we had in our own midst a person of such stellar qualities as Lindsay H. Place.

Jon G. Bradley

Associate Professor (Retired)

Education/McGill University

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