Marked by internal crises, in two of its largest institutions, 2019 was not a good year for Quebec's anglophone community.

The English Montreal School Board was put under trusteeship, and the disarray at the Quebec Community Groups Network resulted in 15 out of its 60 anglo groups leaving the organization.

Fortunately, though, due to initiatives taken by the Coalition Avenir Québec, 2020 promises to be a much better year for anglophones, and , by extension, the francophone community.

Regarding school boards, Education Minister Jean-François Roberge tabled Bill 40 which promises to eliminate elected school commissioners in favour of granting greater decision-making power to schools and those closest to our children.

Both the French and English school communities will benefit from the bill as it eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, giving schools, in our internet era, the freedom to better manage and control our institutions in a more efficient manner.

Secondly, earlier in the year, MNA Christopher Skeete, secretary responsible for Quebec's English-speaking community, announced a consultation tour which ended up covering about 150 anglophone organizations and institutions. The idea was to ascertain, first hand, the needs and wants of the province's minority community.

According to news reports across the province, including The Suburban on Oct. 23, as an example, quoted Carol Meindl of the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations.

She said: "It was great that we had the opportunity to sit down and talk about the things that we know are challenges in our community."

A report on the tour's findings is expected soon. I believe it will help build stronger bridges between all Quebecers to better appreciate each other in 2020.

Chris Eustace

Pierrefonds, Qc

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