As a volunteer member of C.P.A.T. (Caring Paws Animal Therapy) our organization is often requested to attend schools and universities to provide animals for the students to interact with.

All the students, be they from McGill, College Ste Anne or elsewhere start to smile the minute the dogs arrive on scene.

Numerous caresses and selfies and videos later, the students depart happier for the experience.

But if we, as a society, are to put an end to this growing suicide epidemic we need to address, from a much earlier age, what is and isn’t acceptable behavior and teach that bullying, shaming and insults in person and on social media will no longer be tolerated.

And parents need to be involved, voluntarily or otherwise, when their children first show signs of hurting their fellow students or themselves.

So, Mr. Legault put our money into our collective futures by helping our students and by better funding our teachers.

Me. Linda Hammerschmid


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