The Internet, famous for its being a source of valuable information, has fallen far short of being accurate in its exposition with regards to the origins of the environmental movement. Worldwide there were movers and shakers going back centuries sounding the alarm. In Quebec, it did not begin on the arrival of marchers on September 27, 2019.

Society to Overcome Pollution S.T.O.P. was a pioneering organization, standing alone, leading community action, providing education and services, meeting with Mayor Jean Drapeau, providing counsel to the provincial government at committee hearings such as one chaired by Dr. Victor Goldbloom. In the day, some major causes of concern included the water filtration plants, collection and recycling of glass bottles and paper products. Mayor Drapeau and Dr. Goldbloom lent a friendly, welcoming forum for our efforts.

Lacking the tools of mass communication available today to the media and the world, the organization gradually wore itself out, with the membership short of resources, they moved on. The suggestion on the Internet that the French group, Societe pour vaincre la Pollution S.V.P., an organization under one man, Daniel Green, became S.T.O.P. is news to me.

As former chairperson for Downtown Montreal and N.D.G. of S.T.O.P., I have no recollection of there being a takeover or merging of these organizations.

Sheila Rubin


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