What the proposed Bill 40 gives English school boards in retaining their democratic election process, it takes away in spades by not paying elected directors sufficiently to attract the best leadership to administer their schools. Some who receive merely $100 per meeting may abstain often for family or personnel reasons. Quebec will then, according to plan, be more than willing to appoint their own directors to control the process. I suggest the following solutions:

1. Pay elected directors a fair wage, same as before.

2. Hold school board elections at the same time and place as municipal elections. This will reduce the cost and increase attendance for both.

3. Hold off the school board elections for a year longer than the CAQ plan so they can be harmonized with municipal elections.

If this is not provided for, I encourage both the English and French school boards to get ready for a combined court challenge and request the federal government to underwrite funding whenever the notwithstanding clause is used; doing so will provide a level playing field for the court system to interpret the law fairly in the shortest period of time. Otherwise the CAQ can unfairly address the court challenge with unlimited public funding and many costly delays!

Michael Shafter


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