The Sûreté du Québec should not use sarcastic humor on social media calling speeding motorists “morons” deserving “of a ticket in their vacation budgets”. Doing so will certainly not stop speeding but only highlight once again their unwillingness to table common sense initiatives to curb the practice.

I have long suggested that speed signs should state both the zone speed and the speed above it at which a ticket will be issued to serve as a continuous reminder to drive appropriately. For example, 100KPH Zone/115$ (or whatever speed the experts decide) would educate the ignorance and be a worthwhile initiative never before tried in Quebec.

May I further suggest that the SQ and the CAQ transport ministers responsible for public security look at themselves in the mirror and question who is the moron. After all, when you are in a position of authority but do little but address blame you may be confronted by a class action suit from those who have inappropriately been the target of the ever changing discretion of the police officer.

Michael Shafter


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