Iran finally admitted it “unintentionally” shot down Ukrainian flight 752, killing all 176 innocent individuals on board soon after leaving Tehran Airport. It previously had resisted requests by Boeing, Ukrainian and other international investigators, including Canadian ones, to analyze the two black box data recorders and to survey the crash scene where it may have cleared and tampered with any transparent evidence.

So wherein “lies” the truth concerning the word “unintentionally”? Could not those complicit in Iran’s Air Defense who fired the missile tell the difference between a small fighter plane and a jumbo passenger one as it rises into the air after take-off? Did they down the American made Boeing plane in retaliation for the killing of its general? And will those directly responsible be lost in a diplomatic shuffle of words from simply telling the truth?

Many world airlines and/or their passengers may avoid Iran airports like the plague in the short term and possibly much longer; hopefully they will do the same for any nation sponsoring terrorism. Iran may agree to pay a token amount to each grieving family and loved one but the amount and the payment may be delayed if Iran is assigned blame. How appropriate it would be if Canada, the USA and other major powers ceased trade with Iran in whole or in part to send a message to other nations harbouring terrorist organizations or supporting them elsewhere that the same may befall them! I for one and for every family bereaved would like Canada to take the lead in doing so!

Michael Shafter


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