During the 1975-76 school year, I attended grade 7. Miss Macdonald was my teacher. I remember her to be a very tall woman with beautiful coloured blouses. She also wore a very large cross hanging from her neck. At the time, I was attending a Protestant School Board school.

Everyday Miss Macdonald wore a big cross around her neck. Her crosses came in many different colours and styles.

What I also remembered most about Miss Macdonald was the fact that she was the most fabulous teacher. She just got me. Whenever we finished our class work, she would encourage us to go to the activity cards and work on them. Every time a student finished an activity card, they got a star on their chart. If you got 7 stars in one week, you got a prize. I worked my ass off to get those stars and prizes.

The best activity card was titled: “Create Words with Your Calculator”. The objective was to create as many words as you could with your analog calculator upside down. You also needed to spell the words backwards. You could work with the following numbers, when turned upside down, they looked like letters.

1 = I  3 = E  4 = h  5 = S  7 = L  8 =B  9 = b 0 = O

One day I was able to spell the words ESSO OIL and SHELL OIL! I was so proud of myself. On that particular day, I received 2 stars and a prize for working out such a long word on my upside down calculator. Every day during that school year, a classmate found another word and collected a star or two. OIL (017), BOO hOO (800 400), ShOE (5403), hOLE (4073), etc.

Bottom line, Miss Macdonald was the most fantastic, innovative, friendly, wonderful, amazing, informative teacher. And the fact that she wore a big catholic cross around her neck each day she taught us, made no fricken difference to anyone in the classroom. So, I really don’t know what the big deal is now! Seriously 45 years later!! Bill 21 is a waste of everyone’s time and money!

I guess the government has solved all the real important problems in our society. To name just a few like child care, poverty, homelessness, damaged roads and infrastructure, affordable housing, health care, hospitals wait times, etc. I guess they have nothing better to do then to stir the pot of NOTHING USEFUL!!!!!!

From the Biggest Fan of Miss Macdonald, who’s impression of her was non-religious and I did not convert to Catholicism from seeing her cross every day in grade 7!

Suzanne Reisler Litwin


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