It is very nice that Pointe Claire and the whole island of Montreal is going green, however there are many flaws that were not very well thought out when building these paths.

Let me give you one West Island example, but the problems are the same on every other bike path. On Donegani Ave., vehicle space has been reduced by over 30% because of bike paths. It is very hard to drive on that street in the winter. Snow banks are sometimes not removed for over a week, two cars almost skin their mirrors. I have seen a truck go on the sidewalk to let a school bus through.

When spring comes around and the snow is all melted, the bike bath is not immediately cleaned, so there are pebbles and leftover dirt from winter snow. What do cyclists do? They ride on the already narrow street.

So now that reduces the bike path to about 5 month usage. There are still cyclists riding on the road when they should not be. I have personally made comments directly to them to use bike paths and believe it or not on two separate occasions I got the proverbial finger.

Now to my point, bicycles by law are considered vehicles, the riders are to follow all rules such as stop signs etc., so the municipalities should make all bike owners register and licence their bikes. If they are to share the road, they should also share the expense that comes along with it.

Joe Hanna

Pointe Claire

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