I heard Premier Legault's comments to Alberta on CBC recently in reference to Alberta’s energy production.

When you look skyward, Canada contributes only 2% of all the GHG present. TWO PERCENT. We could reduce our emissions to 1% and we will have zero effect on global warming. I’m sick of all politicians trying to panic Canadians into thinking if we don’t solve this, the planet is doomed.

It boggles my mind that Quebec is getting approximately 42% of its oil from Alberta! Our oil comes with no human rights or ethical issues, and from companies that constantly strive to produce clean energy. In the last nine years, CNRL has reduced their GHG emissions 27%. Can Quebec say the same thing for the 37% of oil it gets from the USA? What about the 11% from Algeria with a mass of human rights abuses. Not to mention air and water pollution.

In regards to transfer payments, Premier Legault said they didn’t work the way Jason Kenney suggested. He said Alberta does not write the cheques. The essence of the program is, no matter how the money is collected and handed out, the reality is Quebec still receives a lot of money directly from Alberta’s energy sector. PERIOD

Am I saying we shouldn’t bother Canadians to take global warming seriously? ABSOLUTELY NOT. We must continue to strive to do better, always! But as I said above, and adding in this, without the help of India and China we don’t have a hope in hell.

By the way, I am a science teacher and environmentalist. Global warming scares me to no end, especially for the future of my daughters and grandkids. I’m also a realist. You can’t shut off oil in a year or two, but you can use the cleanest and most ethically produced. Next time you have fresh fruits and vegetables, think about the energy it cost to get there. And where that energy came from.

Ken Argent

Edmonton, Alberta.

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