The Ministry of Health is suggesting “visiting family doctors, "winter clinics" instead of ERs." Who hired these incompetent, stupid people in this department? Telling the many thousands of Quebecers, who don’t have a family doctor to see one are lacking brains, and those who do have family doctors who are already stressed out, being forced by the government to see more patients than they can properly service, while depriving their regular patients the time and quality service they deserve.

As far as the so-called "winter clinics," by adding 20,000 more hours, which they funded last year, was ridiculous because the clinics, already turning away patients, do not have doctors to service these hours. The Ministry, and our government, need a course in customer service, to learn the basics of “supply and demand." I have written to Charest, Couillard, Barrette, and now Legault, telling them, it’s time to tear down the artificial wall, barring doctors from practicing in Montreal, as well as anywhere else in the province.

The principal cause of most of our health care problems is a lack of doctors. As well, the way patients are paid from hospital budgets must be changed , because their budgets, and services, are adversely impacted by an ever increasing number of patients coming to them. A new system termed “Follow the Patient” specifies that “the Patient is paid where the Service is rendered”, relieving all those who provide services, to increase their services with more doctors, now being able to increase their productivity and reduce wait times in most services. Our government must be bombarded and pressured by the media, all health agencies, and all Quebecers, saying- “Hire more doctors!”

Jack Hoffman

Cote St-Luc, Qc

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