It seems that the federal Liberals are trying to regain lost voter confidence before the next election in October by pretending to crack down on illegal border crossers to Canada.

A small provision hidden in this year's federal budget bill would prevent refugee claimants from other countries, such as the US, from remaking a similar claim in Canada. Although a step in the right direction, this does precious little to fix our broken-down immigration system.

Thousands of unvetted migrants are still allowed to illegally stream into Canada over "irregular" border crossing points, adding to the already severely backlogged Canadian immigration system and costing Canadian taxpayers 100's of millions of extra dollars every year. Should any of these so-called asylum seekers eventually be ruled inadmissable, very few if any are ever deported by Canadian authorities given that potential deportees apparently have, but refuse, to sign their own deportation orders.

The only way to really end the crisis at our borders is to finally close the loophole which allows people to bypass the Safe Third Country Agreement by crossing over into Canada at places such as Roxham Road.

An easy, effective and quick way of doing this would be for Ottawa to immediately declare the entire US-Canada border an official crossing point.

Why haven't the Liberals already done this and what on earth is possibly stopping them?

Ralph Schleichkorn


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