Bombardier Inc. sold its rail-building unit to French train giant Alstom SA, marking its exit from the rail business. The Montreal-based company has sold several divisions since 2015, including its turboprop and aerostructure segments, as well as its commercial airline unit. Bombardier annou… Read more

Canadians are increasingly frustrated that small groups of First Nations and environmental radicals have succeeded in shutting down critical rail links across Canada, stranding goods and people while ignoring the injunctions passed by the court system to have the barricades removed. Unlike m… Read more

Former CSL Mayor Robert Libman, an architectural consultant, told the Namur-Hippodrome public consultation that it must think way beyond the planned Hippodrome housing development toward a "feasible urban core" in the west end. Read more

Over the past several months, several media outlets have tried to explain why Quebec is experiencing a teacher shortage. Bill 21, retirements, increased enrollment, low salaries vis-à-vis other provinces and less-than favourable working conditions have all been discussed. All of these presen… Read more

In the referendum debate of 1995, Ottawa’s then-justice minister, Allan Rock, dismissed the idea of submitting separation to the courts. Ottawa expected to win big, and the official federal position was that Quebec sovereignty was a political, not legal matter. The separatist government, on … Read more

Does it come as a surprise to anyone that the Montreal Police will come up with every excuse possible to avoid the introduction of body cameras? Read more