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Suburban exclusive: Revenue Quebec wrong to send fed tax forms in French only: Official Languages

An investigation by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages (OCOL) has determined that it was wrong for the Quebec Revenue Min… Read more

Pointe Claire and Desjardins host Alzheimer Society half-marathon

This Sunday, June 17th, any interested runners who want to raise money in the Alzheimer Society of Montreal’s Desjardins Pointe-Claire Half… Read more

Explosion in Senneville

Just before 7 p.m. last Wednesday night, a 911 call was placed to police about an explosion in Senneville. Read more

Around the Councils

ST. LAURENT FINANCIAL REPORT: The annual borough financial report for 2017 was presented at the June St. Laurent council meeting. Highlight… Read more

Pie-IX bus line is a go

The Quebec government has announced the official launch of the SRB Pie-IX rapid bus lane project of the Metropolitan Regional Transit Autho… Read more


The Moving Maven’s tip of the week: Two weeks until moving day so let’s recap

Only two weeks until Moving Day. It’s now time to look back over the last seven weeks of moving tips and make sure everything on your check… Read more

Suburban exclusive: Revenue Quebec wrong to send fed tax forms in French only: Official Languages

An investigation by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages (OCOL) has determined that it was wrong for the Quebec Revenue Min… Read more

Laval council chasm

A chasm in the Mouvement Lavallois administration has slammed the brakes on governance in Quebec’s third largest city. Read more


Laval hotel occupancy tops in Quebec

Results just in for 2017 show that Laval hotels had the highest occupancy rates in the province. Read more

Laval launches electronic commerce strategy

Laval plans to marshal its retail and wholesale talent to give a bigger boost the city’s already rapidly growing economy. Read more


Blainville strikes first in historic meeting in Laval

It was a historic meeting for the Canada Soccer and Soccer Quebec record books as AS Blainville, the the Première ligue de soccer du Québec… Read more

Kone stuns Étoiles de L’Est with late second half tally

On Saturday afternoon at Kent Park, the U16 ‘AAA’ Notre-Dame-de-Grâce boys defeated the Étoiles de L’Est, 2-1, but the outcome could have e… Read more

Olivia Chamandy battles to gold at Junior Elite Nationals

Coming off a season-long shoulder injury Westmount’s Olivia Chamandy battled through and won the gold medal on women’s 10-m platform Saturd… Read more


Napoleon's Cartoon: You're on Your Own

The disaster of health care reform

As someone who has sat on the council of nurses for St Mary's Hospital and who is an FIQ delegate for the same hospital, I am in a unique p… Read more

remembering RFK

Beryl Wajsman's oped on RFK: "A tiny ripple of hope..." was excellent. When I woke up that morning in 1968 and heard that Robert Kennedy ha… Read more


Elaine Sanders: Low-maintenance flowers

The best plants in my summer garden are not the flowers of herbaceous perennials or annuals, but of woody flowering shrubs. It is these pla… Read more

Jennifer Lynn Walker: Ten dos and don’ts to help sell your home for top dollar

A lot of sellers don’t put enough emphasis on fixing up their homes when they put them on the market. Even sellers with recently renovated … Read more

Suzanne Reisler Litwin: Rain is hope

It’s impossible to please everyone. During the winter, many people complain about the cold temperatures, the snow, and the ice. I think I a… Read more


Suburban Blogs

Supermom In Training: Homemade teacher appreciation gifts

There's no one I want to show more appreciation toward than my son's teachers. All of them. The aids. The gym and music teachers. The volun… Read more

Parenting 101: Testosterone Poisoning: Things my teen has called me

Testosterone poisoning is a real thing according to our pediatrician. Read more

Elevated threat for severe weather today in Montreal

All watches and warnings have expired. Read more

Wise Women Canada: Toronto Mental Health Empowerment Day: Addressing Youth Mental Health

The time is now. This is my story, her story, his story‒this is our story. Read more

Healthy Living With TAU: PURE Biodegradable Cleaning Products

We are Pure, we are... Read more

Arts & Entertainment

Joel Goldenberg: Elvis Presley, the 1970s Part 2

Before we get to Elvis Presley's studio recordings of 1972 and 1973, an update on my favourite group. Read more

Joel Goldenberg: Elvis Presley, the 1970s Part 1

Before we delve into Elvis Presley's studio recordings of the early 1970s, a little update on an artist I like: Read more

Joel Goldenberg: Elvis Presley's best, the late 1960s, part 3

Before we proceed to the last of our late 1960s look at Elvis Presley's body of work, allow me to recount a near-religious experience I had… Read more

Urban Foodie, Shopper, Adventurer

Urban Shopper: Alternatives

The temperature is plummeting and it's getting mighty cold out there! Good thing I discovered Alternatives, which has been serving the West… Read more


This week our Urban Adventurers wanted to hit the links but the weather had a different plan. Rather than wait for better weather, or wait … Read more

Urban Foodie: La Petite Adresse

La Petite Adresse is an incredibly trendy restaurant with a fantastic menu and super cool ambience. I was lucky enough to dine there with m… Read more

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