A wreath laying ceremony to honour veterans was held at the remembrance pavilion of the St-Anne’s Veterans’ Hospital last Sunday. The event was dedicated to commemorating their service and sacrifice.

World War II veteran Joy Saunders told The Suburban that “The reason why we are here is to help one another”. She explained that the ceremonial event caused her to remember experiences that she did not want to remember, however “The story needs to be told” she said.

“Remembrance is inherently about gratitude for the Canadian values that our cherished and honoured soldiers fought to preserve for us.” The Rev. Joyce Sanchez said, “The price for freedom was paid in sweat and blood by the soldiers who fought to deliver that freedom to future generations. The soldiers carry their experiences in their bodies,their minds and their spirits.”

Korean war veteran Stuart Vary, who volunteered to join the army and lost a substantial portion f his hearing due to gunshot recoils, said that he attended the event in memory of those who died in the war. He told the The Suburban that “Those who gave their lives are remembered as they should be”.

Rabbi Pesach Diskind spoke to the audience and he described the soldiers as having “Planted the seeds of freedom which blossomed gradually into the ridges of all harvests. Seeds of brotherhood, democracy and the Canadian way of life. As a nation we have a responsibility to remember our heroes and to pass on their legacy to our future generations. Faith in freedom and peace was not in vain,” he said.

The ceremony featured the Montreal Men’s Welsh Choir accompanied by Pipers from The Black Watch Regiment.

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