Dinner and Comedy at Karnak - A Widows Sons initiative to raise funds for the Grand Master charity fund

The Widows Sons Montreal chapter hosted a dinner and comedy night at the Karnak Temple located on Sources boul. in D.D.O. last Saturday evening in support of The Grand Master charity fund. The show produced by Widows Son Mark Laxer, featured comedians Chantal Desjardins, Tony Riccio and Sebastien Bourgault.

The Widows Sons are a motorcycle club made up of master masons. They participate and host multiple events in support of several charities.

Peter Pascali, CEO of Pyrogenesis Canada and comedy show fan told The Suburban “This is the best show I’ve ever seen.”

Event host Dan Laxer more widely known as a CJAD radio host, has been hosting comedy shows in support of various charity events held at Karnak for many years. Laxer told The Suburban “It is always my pleasure to help.”

Items donated by members of the community were auctioned off at the event to benefit the charitable fund.

The Grand Master charity fund benefits multiple charitable organizations, with a particular focus on three: Environmental bursaries for students, RESPECT Canada, an association which benefits veterans and soldiers suffering from PTSD and The Shriners Hospital for Children. The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Quebec, Marc David explained to The Suburban that “Thousands of Veterans are homeless in Canada and that it is unacceptable.”

The long-kept secret behind the Shriners is that the group consists of multiple layers of charitable sub-group organizations all stemming from the Shriners association which itself is a branch of freemasonry. The impact of their work to improve the lives of millions has been done quietly and humbly behind the scenes for hundreds of years.

Widows Sons member Pascal Trempe who helped serve up supper at the event, explained that the Widows Sons participate in multiple charities. For example, this year the group will be organizing a motorcycle charity ride to benefit Veterans. Trempe described his charitable participation as “Gratifying to feel that we can make a difference.”

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