West Island filmmaker makes scary Halloween themed film

A production shot from Alex Chehrazi’s short horror film, Samhain featuring Lanisa Dawn (as Jamie Summers) and Emelia Hellman (as Sandy L.) that will be released on Halloween.

Working on a film can be extremely stressful and tiring but if you are the writer, director, editor and producer then it is a time where sleep becomes a luxury.

And for 28 year old West Island resident Alex Chehrazi, he wouldn’t have it any other way. This past summer he shot the 14 minute Halloween themed horror film called Samhain using a professional crew and actors to evoke suspense and mystery with a film aesthetic evoking the 1970s, his favourite era for motion pictures.

“I was captivated by films at an early age and I knew that was what I wanted to do but I come from a traditional family,” Chehrazi told The Suburban.

His parents wanted their son to go to school to “get a real job” but in order to express his creativity, Chehrazi bought “a cheap camera and started making no budget films at the age of 18.”

It wasn’t long before his parents realized where his interests were and supported his choice to go to film school “to make filmmaking part of my life.”

Working in the film industry in special effects has allowed Chehrazi to self finance his own films. Samhain was shot in three “brutal and long but very gratifying days” last July and injects a supernatural element into John Carpenter’s Halloween world without “being a fan film but part of Carpenter’s universe as we took the essence of his film and the theme of evil inhabiting a person.”

He finished working on the final cut of the project just prior to a number of film festival deadlines and has already been selected for one in North Carolina.

The film premiered, appropriately enough, on Halloween and anyone wishing to see it can watch it online via https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYkTcQLeqRjeRq7oGYr9b_w and the trailer can be viewed now.

Cheheazi’s next project will be a feature length film.

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