The Hub Beaconsfield: A 71-Year-Old Community Iconic Sign to Be Covered

For the last 71 years, residents of Beaconsfield have recognized the store sign of The Hub, a local hardware store, as a neighbourhood memento. However, in accordance with city bylaw passed in 2012, the sign needs to be removed because the bylaw stipulates businesses are forbidden from having more than two signs outside.

Local residents and neighbouring businesses define the store and its sign as a part of the community and are expressing their disappointment that it will be taken down.

Mackenzie Mannit, who works across the street at RPM Autotech said that the signs, “where there when my mom was a kid.”

“It means something to the community,” owner Stan Rutkauskas says. Mr. Rutkauskas originally purchased the hardware store in 1992. He explained how the choice of what signs to hang is not his, and of all the signs outside, the Hub should be the last to go. His contracts with providers like Benjamin Moore, dictate that he must hang their signs outside as well.

“Originally, I had seven signs on the building, “he explains. “I have permits for two Benjamin Moore signs — it doesn’t say that we’re a hardware store. The sign for the Hub, which has been there since the 1940’s “shouldn’t be an issue,” he expressed.

Mr. Rutkauskas received a letter from the city warning him that he would be fined if he did not remove the sign by the deadline. Through discussions with the city, he was able to extend the deadline, but they have yet to come to an agreement. The city of Beaconsfield said that before it can enter into further discussions about the signage, the 71-year-old store needs to comply with the bylaw and remove the signage. As of June 1, the sign was covered, until Mr. Rutkauskas can come to an agreement with the city.

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