SQ ramps up alcohol and drug stops during holidays

There is never a reason to drive impaired under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the SQ has announced it will be increasing the number of roadblocks during the holiday season. There is some controversy as it will be the first major season since the elimination of the reasonable cause requirement for police to stop drivers enacted by the Trudeau government in its Highway Code revisions.

The SQ has made clear that officers don’t need a reason for pulling over a driver and have already announced that there will be 100 roadblocks in the Montreal area. As Sgt. Paul Leduc put it, “The chances of you being stopped are high, so you don’t be.” The unlimited powers of police were evidenced in two recent operations in Trois-Rivieres and on the south shore. In the former case 3800 drivers were stopped. No tickets were issued or infractions found. In the latter case 500 drivers were stopped and two tickets were issued.

Until January 2nd, SQ officers will be setting up more roadblocks under the motto: “You’re going out? So are we.”

Despite trying to combat drivers under the influence, the SQ also released some statistics noting that between 2013 and 2017, 100 fatal accidents were caused by and 220 drivers and passengers were seriously injured by drivers over the legal alcohol limit of 0.08.

The SQ is also finding more drivers under the influence of cannabis, with 37% of those stopped who were on cannabis were between the age of 16 and 24.

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