SPVM 1 Officer and area company get new stove for MOW

SPVM 1 Community Relations Officer Giovanni Di Legge (l) with MOW volunteers Jeanette Boucher and Kelly-Anne Soutter and Nick Della Posta who all helped in getting a new oven for MOW.

Sometimes events prove that every little bit can help in a community and just making a phone call or two can make an amazing difference for a person or association trying to do for others.

Such was the case recently when SPVM 1 Community Relations Officer Giovanni Di Legge was in attendance at the Lakeshore Sport Association AGM when he ran into two West Island meals On Wheels Volunteers, Jeanette Boucher and Kelly-Anne Soutter.

Catching up on local events, the two volunteers informed the officer that the oven at the Montreal Volunteer Bureau West Island’s centre was no longer working and is obviously a key in the MOW’s success to provide warm meals to senior citizens and shut ins in the area on a weekly basis.

Di Legge wanted to help and reached out to Nick Della Posta of Charles River Laboratories, informing him of the MOW’s concerns.

Soon enough, Della Posta brought this concern to work where employees and colleagues raised funds and within a few weeks, raised enough to replace the stove.

The Suburban would like to laud Officer Di Legge and those at Charles River who took the time to think of others and create a mini-fundraiser that has such a large benefit for Meals On Wheels, a vital service to our senior citizens.

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