Police search for suspects in West Island assault

Victims with SQ Officer

A man and a woman who appeared to be in their mid-forties attacked two young people at a McDonalds parking lot in Ile-Perrot on Sunday morning. Police confirmed to The Suburban that the couple are facing charges of uttering threats and assault.

The victims, barely out of their teens, were in shock after the attack that they suffered. Video footage of the event taken by an eyewitness depicts a violent attack on the two young people who appear completely petrified by their attackers.

The first victim, a 21-year-old woman of small stature, opened her window when a McDonald’s employee approached her vehicle to receive her order. The male attacker, appearing to be in his mid-forties, standing close to six feet tall and heavy-set, pushed the McDonalds employee out of the way and reached into the victim’s vehicle through her open window and hit her in the face while yelling and reaching to grab at the second victim, a young man, sitting in the passenger seat.

The female attacker banged on the victims’ car with her fists and attempted to open the car doors while yelling in French “I will break your teeth” and “I will break your face”.

Sureté du Québec officers were called to the scene and investigated multiple sources of video footage to help identify the attackers. The attackers are currently at large while police are working to locate their whereabouts. The suspects are considered to be dangerous persons. Anyone who has knowledge of the suspects or their whereabouts are advised to contact police immediately and not attempt to approach them.

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