Pointe Claire’s Demolition Committee upholds its original decision

“In accordance with the vision defined by the Pointe-Claire Village Special Planning Program and the Village Code, and after reading all of the letters we have received and hearing all of the representations that were made during this extraordinary public meeting, the members of City Council unanimously upheld the Demolition Committee’s favourable decision, which was made on March 21, 2019,” said John Belvedere.

The mayor of Pointe Claire was referring to the city’s recent special council meeting held last week where the demolition committee approved the plan to raze the former Pioneer to have it replaced by a new structure that will boast four retail and 15 residences.

“When the project to construct a new building at 286 Du Bord-du-Lac – Lakeshore Road was filed at the City last summer, the sheer number of objections prompted City Council to impose a moratorium on all new construction projects in the Village Core,” said the mayor. “We wanted to understand what was going on and take the time to analyze the concerns and criticisms that were raised.

“Only one real project was presented for this site, and even if groups of citizens would have liked to see other plans, the City is obligated to respect everyone’s rights, and only the project that was submitted could be taken into consideration,” said Belvedere.

There has been requests by some residents to preserve the old building to ensure that the character of the village remains to which the mayor said “the opinions regarding the decision that was taken are not unanimous, and we understand that.

“It is important for everyone to have the right to express themselves and be heard,” said Belvedere adding that he and his council were “elected to represent the entire population, and City Council’s decision was made in compliance with laws and regulations, and while respecting the common interests and rights of all.”

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