Pointe Claire enacts new policy for Village parking

“This policy is part of the Pointe-Claire Village Special Planning Program and its vision to make our Village a prime destination in the entire West Island where people can live, work, and enjoy themselves,” said John Belvedere.

The mayor of Pointe Claire was referring to a new initiative adopted by the city following a study last year of traffic patterns and spacing for Pointe Claire.

The study identified areas for improvement as well as seeking out input from area residents.

“A specialized firm was authorized to complete a diagnosis of the current parking situation in order to analyze the rate of occupation, the number of spaces, demand, the quality of the facilities, signage, and the management framework,” explained city spokesperson Marie Pier Paquette Seguin. “This data helped to identify issues that need to be addressed. A meeting with residents, a participative workshop, and an online poll allowed for more data to be collected and a better understanding of uses and needs.”

Some of the conclusions made in the report on the parking situation in the Village included that currently, there are approximately 1,150 parking spaces considered on and off street parking with many spots belonging to the city, and that peak parking usage occurs at midday during the week and while the occupancy rate in considered less than 80% at any given time, the report noted that “the data shows that the area around Bord-du-Lac–Lakeshore Road between Golf and Cartier avenues has a high occupancy.”

Other suggestions were to “include strictly applying parking time limits, redeveloping available parking on Lanthier Avenue, sharing parking spaces on private lots through agreements with the City, and installing directional signs,” said Paquette Seguin.

There will soon he additional signage in the Village like “installing directional signs allowing road users to quickly locate parking lots and the number of available spaces.”

“The goal of all these actions is to support economic vitality and a harmonious environment, and to improve the quality of life of Village residents,” Belvedere said.

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