In the beautiful setting of the ultra modern library in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Mayor Jim Beis, along with some of his council, introduced Olivia Marleau at a press conference to discuss the borough’s upcoming cultural program that will benefit from the new library with a myriad of activities and programs being offered to residents.

Marleau works for the library in programming and was proud to introduce a cultural program that will boast “116 shows and activities that will be eclectic and special to make great memories with family and friends without having to drive downtown to get to.”

Just some of the activities being planned in the borough include storytelling and writing workshops, dance demos, a puppet show and circus and even a course on teaching kids how to DJ where the participants will be able to strut their new knowledge spinning for the youth Halloween Dance.

Adults will not be left out either as there will be many How To events including learning technology better as well as learning how to code as well as two new movie clubs, one for adults and another for the younger set.

Bilingual story time will continue with a third language being added to the mix, Arabic. The library will also be presenting activities announced for PED days as well as activities for the kids after school hours during the week.

The library will also have a genealogy section with a specialist in once a week to help determine residents’ past as well as “discovering the military heroes in your family,” Marleau said.

The ever popular reading programs will continue and one will be added for teens known as Snack & Books. There will also be workshops on reducing stress, improving your financial literacy as well as zero waste Christmas packaging proposals.

Marleau suggested that residents register online for the show or activities as tickets for certain events can “be purchased online or at the library or one hour before the event at the location being offered.”

Beis, a known cyclist, told the assembled that “cultural programs are as important as sports and we are proud of this multicultural assembly point for our residents as the sense of belonging for our new library is absolutely amazing.”

Residents can now register for programs and activities and non-residents who wish to take part will be placed on a waiting list.

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