On Rock Community Services launches food drive tomorrow

In the last two weeks, the On Rock foodbank has received an unprecedented surge in use.

More than 20 additional families have started using the food bank,.

“We usually get one or two new families coming in here and there, maybe three or four a month coming in,” said Kim Reid. “There was a small food bank in the area that closed and the other thing that happened is a government subsidy for public housing ended this month.”

Reid says the foodbank is now serving 202 families every week. Luckily, there’s no waiting list.

“I’ve been blessed with some food resources so the good news is we’ve got plenty of food,” said Reid. “So we’re going to take care of everyone. Taking new people is not a problem. Yeah we’re doing we’re doing really well that way.”

On Rock distributes its food banks Mondays. About half of the people who get them come to the foodbank in person. Volunteers deliver the rest.

“Our aim is to give people enough food for three to four days,” says Reid. “We by no means provide them food for a full week. But we definitely take the pressure off. And that’s the aim.”

On Rock also operates a diner that feeds people supper every Tuesday and Thursday night between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.. A total of 70 volunteers take care of all the operations.

“It’s a really good supper,” says Reid. “We got some really talented cooks and other volunteers that run those programs.”

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