Not your typical school fundraiser

Principle Wusua Mitchell and Home and School Association publicity coordinator Christina Del Zingaro.

Dorval Elementary School is hosting its annual “Fall Fair” on Saturday Nov. 16 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Parents Home and School Association at Dorval Elementary is well-known for going above and beyond expectations. The buzz surrounding this event is widespread in the West Island. All families are welcome.

The interior of the school will be sectioned off with signs pointing to the various activities provided at the fair. Located at the entrance will be the silent auction featuring items for the whole family including spa passes, soccer club memberships, gift certificates, gift baskets and craft items. The gym will be filled with artisans selling knits, ornaments, soaps, jewellery and other crafts. A bake sale will be set up in the hall. Used books will be sold at the “book nook” station. A pop-up musical chairs “cake walk” will be set up every hour during the event. The “kid zone” is a gift shop open only to children; a place where they can purchase gifts for only $1.00, and which they can also have gift wrapped at the wrapping station. The Boy Scouts will set up a popcorn station. Hot meals, drinks and snacks will be sold.

Every single section of the event could serve as a complete fundraising activity in itself, yet each one is just a part of this one big event.

The fun is spread throughout the year as the proceeds collected from the fall fair serve as funding for multiple activities that students benefit from throughout the entire school year. The home and school association and the school principal share the commitment to enhance student life at the school. “Activities can be quite costly,” Dorval Elementary School principal Wusua Mitchell told The Suburban. Mitchell does not shy away from providing her students with the best possible experience despite the financial challenges she faces. With the support of the parent’s association, she is determined to make the school experience memorable.”The fair joins the community together and the funds go directly to the students in ways that they will remember.” she said.

Christina Del Zingaro, mother of two children and the parent’s association publicity coordinator ,told The Suburban that “Community building is an important part of enhancing school life for students and their families.”

Julia Hamamdjian, a student at Dorval Elementary, shared a memory with The Suburban – she said that last year her mother won the “cake walk.” When asked who ate the cake, she giggled and said “My mom does not like me to eat junk.”

Emma Nguyen, also a student, soon turning 11 years old, looks forward to the event each year “We get to bring friends and family,” and “It’s fun.” she said.

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