No more single use plastics in Beaconsfield come April 1st

Starting April 1st, 2020, the city of Beaconsfield will no longer allow single plastic use bags in commercial establishments within the city limits.

"We are proud to follow this initiative already adopted by other municipalities,” said Mayor Georges Bourelle via press release.

“Cities play a central role in climate protection. By adopting this by-law, we demonstrate our commitment to fight climate change. Reusable bags are the most ubiquitous items known by all, but all too often forgotten,” stated the mayor.

“This way, we play a positive role and we hope to motivate our residents to adopt a more sustainable behaviour towards the use of these types of bags,” said Bourelle.

He wants the city to cut down on its carbon footprint as the bags’ production “requires petroleum products and large amounts of water and generates greenhouse gases. Moreover, they have significant impact on wildlife and plants in addition to being a visual nuisance.”

Prior to the deadline, the city will be highlighting the phase-out to residents and retailers alike.

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