“I am very grateful to the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation for their generous support. Thanks to their important contribution coupled with a grant from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the Lakeshore General Hospital now has a state-of-the-art CT Scan to offer its patients,” said Lynne McVey.

The President and CEO of the West Island Regional Health Board (CIUSSS) was referring to the hospital’s good news announcement last week of a new CT Scan room for the LGH.

The new high-tech room was made possible through the work of the foundation and will be able to complete as many as 75 scans per day.

The official opening took place this past Monday morning at the hospital and dignitaries included Jacques-Cartier MNA Greg Kelley, Nelligan MNA Monsef Derraji, Pointe Claire Mayor John Belvedere, LGHF Executive Director Heather Holmes as well as the health board’s Dr. Fadi Aris, head of Medical Imaging.

“The new CT is the most advanced in its class,” said Dr. Aris.

“Thanks to the quality of the images, our patients benefit from a faster diagnosis. It also enables us to perform tests and procedures that we could not do on-site before.

“For example, we can now use low-dose radiation for early detection tests for lung cancer. In short, the quality of the image is so much better that we can perform the same tests but with a reduced dose. This is great news for our patients” Dr. Aris stated.

The room where the CT Scan is has a virtual skylight to make the experience less daunting and more pleasurable for the patient.

“Faster and greatly improved images will help the health care team arrive more quickly to the right diagnosis,” said McVey.

“It’s a very exciting time for us since this new service in medical imaging follows a series of good news announcements at the Lakeshore General Hospital, including the reduction of the infection rate by 35%, the inauguration of four new ICU rooms and the opening of the multifunctional radiology room,” said Holmes “I must confess that it is a great feeling for us at the foundation to show everyone in the West Island what we can achieve together, for our hospital.”

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