Following last week’s article, “DDO resident overwhelmed after a Hydro box explodes,” Hydro Quebec explained its procedure when underground cable wires malfunction.

Magdi Sorial the President of Clarity Management Group, which oversees the Woodside condo unit, explained that in December 2018, a Hydro box exploded causing a condominium’s cable wire to malfunction. This led to the condo resident losing power and electricity in their home.

The following day, Hydro was on site and installed a temporary wire that ran above ground, and a temporary security fence around those wires.

In January, Sorial and the condominium resident were notified that they had to pay to bury the wire underground.

“We don’t feel that this is fair because we were not responsible for the explosion, or [malfunction] of the Hydro box,” said Sorial. He claims that this is a failure of Hydro’s equipment, and that the explosion had caused the wires to fail.

However, Hydro Quebec responded that, “when the customer’s residence in Dollard-des-Ormeaux was built, the power system was […] directly buried in the ground.”

According to Hydro, “The [residents] service entrance cable, which connects the home to Hydro-Québec’s power distribution system, was also directly buried in the ground,” and belongs to the homeowner.

Jean-Philippe Rousseau a spokesperson for Hydro Quebec explained that the outage was caused by a failure in the customer’s service entrance cable.

On Dec 22. “Hydro-Québec crews arrived on site and connected the customer’s home to the power system using temporary cables that ran along the ground. Security fences were also installed.” Rousseau said in an email.

In January 2019, the Woodside resident received a letter from Hydro-Quebec notifying them that they must have a “master electrician carry out the necessary work to make his electrical installation compliant,” said Hydro. This means that they are responsible for having a conduit buried underground.

“Hydro-Québec would then run a new service entrance cable through the conduit to restore the customer’s permanent connection.” Rousseau added that, “Once the customer completes the work, Hydro-Québec will supply, at no charge, the service entrance cable between the customer’s home and the distribution system.” The customer’s electricity supply will then be restored permanently, he said.

Hydro explains that its procedure is similar to that of an aqueduct system. If there is a failure of the water intake a home, then it is the homeowners responsibility to repair its own pipe, that connects to the city’s drinking water system, to receive filtered water.

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