Heroes Park Remembrance ceremony will honour 690 Squadron

This Saturday’s Remembrance Day ceremony at Beaconsfield’s Heroes’ Park will not only be honouring our service men and women but also highlighting a milestone birthday, the Lakeshore 690 Squadron’s 60th anniversary of developing area youth aged 12 to 19.

“There will be a plaque commemorating the last 60 years of the Squadron and we have received a propeller from WWll courtesy for he Montreal Aviation Museum,” Heroes’ Park founder and Beaconsfield resident Major Richard Gratton told he Suburban.

Gratton, who served in Afghanistan from December 2010 to July 2011 with the 1st Battalion Royal 22nd Regiment, said at the August 2014 ground breaking ceremony the impetus for the park came when “before my deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, I promised that when I returned I would create a cenotaph to honour those who run towards danger.”

The park honours not only military men and women but also firefighters, police officers, paramedics and all first responders who gave their lives for their country.

The Remembrance Day ceremony will begin at 10:45 a.m. this Saturday, November 9th and the Squadron’s historic anniversary will be lauded after the ceremony.

Saturday’s Remembrance Day ceremony will feature Mayor Georges Bourelle, Lac St. Louis MP Francis Scarpaleggia and Jacques-Carrtier MP Greg Kelley.

“We felt it was important to celebrate a youth group that has been around fro sixty years,” said Gratton.

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