Lac St. Louis Candidates

According to Canada 338, the riding of Lac St. Louis is considered a safe Liberal riding with a 61% projection for winning the seat once again.

Liberal incumbent Francis Scarpaleggia has been the MP for the riding since he ran as a candidate in 2006. His closest race was in 2011 where he won with 34% and his Conservative challenger Larry Smith coming in second with 30% of all potential votes. Scarpaleggia has been the chair of the National Liberal Caucus since 2011 and has been an advocate for clean water accessibility for all Canadians.The longtime politician lives in Kirkland with his two daughters and wife Jan.

The Conservative candidate for the riding is Ann Francis who has raised her family on the West Island. She works as a consultant for a wealth management firm and is active in various NGOs and works as a youth leader within the riding.

The NDP challenger is Dana Chevalier who currently sits as a councillor in Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue. Chevalier is a lawyer by trade as well as being a family mediator and is a member of the Quebec Bar Association’s Participatory Justice Committee.Part of her mandate would be to improve access to affordable housing as well as the creation of larger green spaces.

Milan Kona-Mancini is the Green Party of Canada’s candidate for the riding and is a Concordia university geography grad. A member for eh Green Coalition, he also works for the Canadian Wildlife Federation and wants to focus on climate change.

There are also candidates for the Bloc and PPC parties.

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