A major zoning request from the North American Development Group’s proposed Dorval Gardens revitalization project is set to be presented at the next city council meeting on Feb. 17, however public discussions concerning the project have already begun.

Current city by-laws dictate that buildings in the zone of the proposed project cannot exceed eight storeys. The $350 million project would erect six towers ranging from 12-16 floors on the corner of Carson and Dorval Avenue, which would require the adoption of a zoning change by the city of Dorval in order for the development to materialize.

Dorval sits as one of the main arteries connecting the West Island and Montreal, particularly at “Dorval circle” which touches the Dorval Gardens sector going eastbound. According to a demographic study conducted by the North American Development Group (NADG), 18 million passengers transit through Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport annually. Dorval Mayor Edgar Rouleau confirmed that no traffic studies surrounding the project have been requested by the city to the Quebec Transport Ministry (MTQ).

Concerns over how the project will affect traffic both locally and for the entire West Island have sparked viral online debates amongst Montrealers, particularly Dorval citizens who are concerned that they may face additional issues in regards to parking.

Should the proposed zoning changes, soon to be presented at the city council meeting, be accepted by the city; then, citizens who oppose the decision will have the option to file a petition one week later. At that point, a referendum process could be launched.

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