Dollard’s Dr. Laurie Betito threw more than a party to celebrate her 20 years on CJAD broadcasting her “Passion” hour heard every weeknight at 10pm. It turned into one of the hottest social events of the year. And after two decades the show is even more important because, in an increasingly politically correct era of self-censorship, her program is one of the few oases of reason and sanity where adults need not be afraid of — nor need to apologize for — simply being adults. No questions asked, no judgments made on personal choices in their individual lives. “Passion” is a living embodiment of the maxim that Benjamin Disraeli often quoted that, “The proper role of vice is to keep virtue in reasonable check.” The packed house at CJAD’s main floor was a tribute to Laurie’s friendships and influence with revelers from the worlds of academia, sports, entertainment, medicine and media.

It was scintillating company, conversation and entertainment that made everyone crave for more. The party kicked off at 8.30 p.m. with Paris Mansouris co-hosting the Passion hour at 10, interviewing Laurie at times. AD’s Dan Laxer acted as emcee and at some points co-emcee with Laurie. After the show, the evening continued with dancing and music.

Country-soul singer Melissa Plett raised the spirit and soothed the heart with her performance and herself, turbo-charging the night. Music continued with the electrifying Dolly Blonde. Artist Eric Waugh was on stage throughout the night finishing a passionate painting in some two hours that was auctioned off.

Well-known West Island psychologist Stephane Bensoussan and his friends Francie And David Lieberman were having a great time and a lot of people were coming up for advice. “Seek, Discover, Create” Media’s unique Lexi Sylver, a frequent guest of Dr. Laurie’s, had everybody buzzing around her and writer husband Johnny Bertolo, Jr. A visit to her sensual site is well recommended just to see what she does. She and the site are witty, smart and sexy (it’s ok, she likes that compliment) and they define “Passion.”

Some of the other guest stars were CJAD’s Andrew Carter and Luciano Pipia,one of Montreal’s leading divorce lawyers Westmount’s Linda Hammerschmid, singer Stephen Voyce and influencer par excellence Steve Daniels. Fabulous desserts and reception were by Christina Mucciardi of Cook and Date, and the very special anniversary cake was from Les Délices Lafrenaie in St. Léonard.

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